When I started using a bicycle around, I quickly felt I had to bring together cycling with an urban, understated and practical vision of femininity. As a fashion stylist, this challenge has become crystal- clear as cycling has become a meaningful choice for the environment as well as a symbol of autonomy, combining self-respect with respect for the planet.

Edmee was born from the fusion of my profession with the spirit of our time, which is responsibility for our planet, the position of the human being in his environment and a constant search for purpose and sense in fashion.

Urban, uncompromisingly feminine, the woman of today embraces an aesthetic which is at once cosmopolitan and fit for the everyday. The Edmee silhouette is about clothes adapted to cycling in an urban environment, yet are full of graphic details and architectural proportions that recall the city itself. Modernist details nod to the authentic heritage of Parisian fashion without false nostalgia. When I created Edmee in 2018, I envisioned this silhouette of a bold woman full of the spirit of her time, equally at ease in the saddle as standing on her own two feet.